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Apple Mention Coldwell Banker In Earnings Report

Posted by Lori Arnold on January 25, 2012 in  uncategorized
Yesterday Apple reported an incredible increase in their quarterly earnings report that was blasted all across the media. Our company has been dedicated to the use of the latest technology to better serve the clients we represent and to equip our sales associates with the most powerful, innovative tools in the industry. To accomplish such a lofty goal, Coldwell Banker has formed some important strategic partnerships wtih companies like Google and Apple. In the report, Apple mentioned Coldwell Banker and how the... read more

Real Estate Headlines For Mid January

Posted by Lori Arnold on January 23, 2012 in  uncategorized
Welcome to another week in 2012. Some of us had a three day weekend and most of the nation caught a little NFL playoff fever. But with one month of 2012 half gone, here are some real estate headlines to keep you in the know: The KCM Blog has a post on creating wealth through home ownership and the proof to back it up. profiles a modern fortress in today’s security conscious culture that is available for $5.9 million. MSN Real Estate declares “Finally a Bottom for Home Prices... read more

Take A Tour Of Famous Homes

Posted by Lori Arnold on January 14, 2012 in  uncategorized
I don’t know about you, but I love to take home tours when I’m on vacation or even in my hometown of Dallas, Texas, when I have visitors from out of town. Related side bar: For those of you who have never visited Dallas, Texas  it should definitely be on your weekend getaway list. The Grand Trianon at Versailles. Less grand than The Palace but not as modest as the Petit Trianon, where Marie Antoinette preferred to stay,  this place is magical. Everything had this amazing tone of rusty pink,... read more

Real Estate Headlines For 1st Week of January

Posted by Jason S. Arnold on January 05, 2012 in  uncategorized
There’s nothing quite like a new year to reset your life a bit. Resolutions to be made. Goals to be set. And a full 365 days to achieve them. But for now we’ll start with baby steps and get you some of the most interesting real estate headlines for this new year. The KCM Blog compares real estate to other investments and concludes that you can’t live in your IRA. MSNBC polled people to find out who is the most and least wanted neighbors. Tim Tebow is #1 on the most wanted listed while ... read more

New Year....New Home

Posted by Lori Arnold on January 03, 2012 in  uncategorized
Happy New Year! As you start thinking about your goals and dreams for 2012, if one of those includes buying a new home, congratulations. It's one of those great "life adventures" that most of us look forward to as we chose a home that reflects our current lifestyle. There is a lot to think about when making the decision, so let me share a few thoughts with you about this important path you may be considering for 2012. Select a qualified and trusted real estate agent: At Coldwell Banker, we have a n... read more
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